Raum&Zeit Adventure Games is the biggest venue for adventures and team events in Bielefeld


We are happy that we can finally open again! From now on you can book an appointment from this Friday. Here we summarize the most important things for you:

Hygiene concept:
We have a hygiene concept approved by the health department. In addition, we have upgraded ourselves with air purification devices with HEPA filters. In connection with regular ventilation and constant disinfection, we have created the best conditions for a safe experience!

What do I need to be able to play at Raum&Zeit?
– An official negative rapid test result no older than 48 hours
– or a complete vaccination, which can be proven by the vaccination certificate, which lasts longer
than 14 days
– A positive PCR test result showing that you have recovered. The test must be
at least 28 days old and must not be older than six months.
– An ID-card
– A medical or FFP2 mask, as mask requirements apply in some areas

With us you will experience exciting adventures right in the heart of Bielefeld – right next to the popular Siegfriedplatz. Ideal for your next outing with your friends, family or work colleagues! We at Raum & Zeit are Bielefeld’s oldest provider of Escape Rooms and are delighted to have welcomed over 40,000 guests since 2015. Innovative, unique and with great attention to detail! We bring you the latest trends in the Leineweberstadt: Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are only available from us in OWL! We are also the very first provider in OWL of City Escapes, the so-called outdoor escape games. Since 2020 we have also been offering you exciting online experiences – are you ready for a virtual trip to distant Peru? You can do it with our Video Escape Room – give it a try! Now choose between our thrilling live or online experiences.

Escape Rooms

Play one of four exciting escape rooms at Raum&Zeit! All adventures are unique and developed by ourselves. From the newcomer to the escape specialist - we have the right experience for every type of player. Find out more about our Escape Rooms:

The Five Shadows

The Sullivan Test

The Case Schwartz

The Downtown Heist



Immerse yourself in breathtaking worlds and try to complete your mission in 60 minutes. We currently offer you a selection of over 20 games, ranging from wonderful worlds from "ALICE WONDERLAND" to exciting expeditions in "ASSASSIN'S CREED: THE LOST PYRAMID" to shocking horror scenarios in "HOUSE OF FEARS".


City Escapes

Make the city your adventure playground! Play exciting stories, solve tricky puzzles and get to know "Liebefeld's" secret corners. Our app-controlled outdoor tour brings the escape room feeling outside. Learn more about our City Escapes:

The missing professor

The secret device


Video Escape Rooms

We bring our adventures right into your living room. From now on you can play our brand new Video Escape Room and travel virtually to distant Peru! Whether as a modern team building 2.0 or for an evening together with friends and family. All you need is an internet-enabled device and you're ready to go.


Home Escapes

With the Home Escape from Raum & Zeit, we bring you the puzzling fun of an Escape Room into your home! We take you into a mystical world in which you have to solve puzzles together, chapter by chapter, brood and make decisions together. The exciting story is read by an experienced speaker in the best audio book style. The game combines modern technology with classic elements.


Quiz Escapes

Our Home Escape: pub quiz without pub is also available in the Live Edition - every Wednesday at 8 p.m. from different locations in the heart of Bielefeld. Our "Quiznight" format is ideal for business or private online events!


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